Our Mission as Your Sydney Aveda Hairdresser

We share the mission with this fantastic brand, which is to sincerely care about our world. This refers to everything including their wonderful products available through to what we can do for society to give back. Like Aveda, our Sydney hairdresser salon works very hard to show the world just how important it is to take responsibility on our environmental impact, and take the lead in making changes in the beauty industry and all other areas.

A hairdresser in Sydney that is proud to provide Aveda products

To truly discover Aveda, you really need to delve into what they represent. The core of the brand is pure plant and flower essences being used in an artistic and scientific way to deliver their customers with beauty products that hum with the electricity of the plant’s life force, and when combined with completely pure essential oils create a symphony of a solution that’s so intense we refer to them as Purescriptions™. Although hair is their specialty, there are so many other items for you to choose from such as make up, skin care and what we like to call Pure-fume™ plus much more. You can rest assured that all of their available products have been developed professionally and are clinically tested, and throughout the entire manufacturing processes they’ve ensured that our planet has been shown the utmost respect.

Book a professional hairdresser who uses Aveda products at Solace hair salon

If you’re interested in making an appointment with one of our skilled hairdressers and would like to experience the Aveda difference for yourself, please be sure to book an appointment today! You can do so by calling us on 02 9262 5535 or alternatively send us an online appointment enquiry and we’ll be in touch to confirm.