2018/19 Spring Summer Hair Trends You Must Try

New Year’s Resolutions aside, there’s nothing more exciting than trying out the freshest trends and new styles for the new year. While this year’s melting balayages and blunt lobs were all the rage, with only a few months of 2018 to go, we can’t wait to upgrade our `dos with the latest styles for 2019.

We have searched the web and got the scoop on what hair trends and styles everyone will be obsessing over this season. Here’s our ultimate hair guide to hair trends in 2019. Come talk to one of our Solace stylists about your next style!


Bangs are a great way to frame the face, 2018/19 Summer is all about the low maintenance longer bangs which are cool and easy to style!


The textured lob is one of the hottest haircuts of the year. It’s hit star status quite literally, appearing on celebrity heads like Sienna Miller and Khloe Kardashian, who, we should add, traded in thier signature long layers for the cropped, wavy look. The textured lob, unlike last years trend of the blunt lob is a great way to add volume with only a few easy, maintainable tricks 1. Consult with your stylist and get on the same page as to how messy/ textured you prefer 2. Get your hands on Avedas Texture Tonic; By bringing the beach to your hair, this bestselling sea salt spray, creates effortlessly textured, tousled tresses all year round with minimal effort required.


Ok…we may have made that name up but this look is fully inspired by the style icon herself. We can all admit we all shed a few tears in the latest ‘A Star Is Born’. But can we all take a moment and appreciate Lady Gagas latest look! The 90s fringe is officially back! Gaga rocked a middle parting, high top knot and a curtain fringe to The Late Show and we love it! So chic and sophisticated yet boho and so easy to achieve!


We all dream of having healthy, long, shiny locks now we all truly can. With Avedas amazing products this dream can become a reality with a little perseverance and commitment. Come into Solace and talk to your stylist about the right products for your hair type, so you too can grow long, luscious hair or for instant results come have a consultation with one of our Extension specialists.


Now as we all know Balayage was all the rage this year… and we sure will be seeing alot more of this boho, soft, natural look. This look suits anyone using tones that work well with their natural colouring. Matched with some soft baby lights for face framing. It’s not only low maintenance but matched with a funky cut you may just look like your straight out of vogue.

4 Things to Do Before Saying “I do”

Your big day is coming soon and I assume you are both excited and nervous about how things may turn out. So here are some things to keep in mind while waiting “patiently” to hear those wedding bells.

  1. Be a bride, not Wonder Woman.

Those kind of brides who devote every waking hour to wedding planning, refusing any offer of help will eventually run out of energy when the big day comes. How do you avoid this fate? You only have to practice self-care. People always want to help so accept offers of help from your trustworthy people. Also, do whatever it takes to help you unwind. That could mean a day off at the movies, coffee shops, a good old massage, or just anything that reduces your stress.

  1. Stay in good terms with your bridesmaids.

Bridesmaids are there to support you while you take your vows, and act as witnesses to this special occasion. They gather around you and help you out on your big day. They are your support system. But some brides demand far more – they give “maid” a literal meaning, ordering countless errands and other stuff to the poor bridesmaids. Be sensitive and put yourself in their shoes – or should I say, heels. Kindness always sows kindness. Also, don’t forget to have some fun with each other. Have a pamper day, get your hair and nails done and relax.

  1. Choose a good and accessible destination

The church or the place of your wedding must easily be reached by your guests. This principle must also be followed in choosing the place of your reception. As much as possible, avoid brewing travel trouble for your guests. You wouldn’t want your wedding reception to be guestless, would you? Aside from the inconvenience, the wedding momentum will be put on hold. But if you can’t avoid these time gaps, provide transportation and a spot for guests to entertain them while they wait.

  1. Rehearse your wedding look and feel

Practice walking around in your shoes a few times before your wedding day. It is not easy to fake a glowing bride’s smile when your heels are killing you and giving you blisters. Remember, too, that your wedding is a once in a lifetime event and you may want to look at your wedding photos one day when all your kids are grown up. Solace Hair Sydney can take care of your look for you.

All these small tips would help you a lot during your wedding, but always keep in mind that the best thing to do in facing this new chapter in your life is to feel genuine happiness, and of course – love.

The Best Short Hairstyles and Haircuts to Try Now- 2016 new hair trends


Julianne Hough

A slightly wavy bob with a liiiiittle bit of layering to lighten up the ends = the ideal way to ease into short hair for longer-locked gals


Lily Collins

“Pixie cut” is way too sugary for this spicy look. More like: try-me-and-we’ll-see-how-sweet-I-am cut.


Kristen Bell

The new beachy wave is shoulder-length—not longer.


Sienna Miller

Spritz some sea salt spray in your hair to achieve more natural waves like Miller’s, and take a ’20s spin on the bob by tucking one end behind your hair and securing with a pin, while letting the other strands blow in your face.


Miranda Kerr

A black-and-white film siren look courtesy of a curling iron and a deep, curving part.

How to contour your face shape with hair colour- 2016 new hair colouring trend!

Forget makeup, hair contouring is the cleverest way to enhance your face shape
If dark colours can make an area look smaller and light shades can open up and widen a space, then you can create illusions to flatter your face shape with colours, not just on your face but your hair too.Hair colour contouring is a technique Art Team Director at Charles Worthington Marc Trinder has developed, and he let us in on the rules.
First you need to identify your face shape correctly. “Pull your hair back and behind your ears”, Marc advises, “then looking straight into the mirror ask a friend to draw the shape of your face as they see it” (wipeable pen is advisable!). If your ears are creating the illusion of more width cover them with your hands so you just focus on your face.Match up your sketching to these diagrams below and try Marc’s tips to enhance your specific shape.




To create a more oval face shape you want “lighter pieces woven around the
jawline and ears” – this softens the lower part of the face – and “fine light
tones with depth at the roots”, says Marc.
Whatever your face shape you also need to take into account your tone. “The wrong colour can make you look drawn and wishy-washy” Marc notes. As well as your hair colour, your skin and eye colours make up your depth and you should try to balance out your cool and warmth with colour.
In the Charles Worthington salons they will hold a ‘colour fan’ broken into cool and warm tones under your chin to see which shades make you look healthier. “If you put the right colour on someone they’re in focus – if not, it’s a bit blurry” Marc says. Try it with your clothes in front of the mirror.
Very generally speaking if you’re cooler toned you’d suit chocolate browns, creamy blondes or orangey reds. If you have a warmer skin tone you’d better suit chestnut browns, honey blondes and coppery reds.
So whether you want to brighten your complexion or balance your bone structure, hair colour could be your secret weapon.





Marc explains that the oval face shape “is like the hourglass figure” – it’s seen as desirable because it’s very versatile. Most of you will suit anything, but he recommends talking to your colourist about bespoke colouring to add depth, texture or shine which will all make your features pop.

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