Stress-less this coming Summer season!

We are officially in the last weeks of Winter here in our stunning City of Sydney, NSW. Spring is just a hop, skip and jump away and we here at Solace Hair Sydney have gathered together a list of things to help make the last four months of 2019 enjoyable, but most of all… memorable for the peacefulness instead of the chaos that can occur; especially in the months leading up-to Christmas!

Planning ahead

Yes that’s right, only 18 weeks left of 2019. If you are a six weekly guest of ours, that’s only three more appointments until Christmas day!! Planning your hair appointments ahead and getting in early may seem a little too organised, but not only does booking in your hair, makeup and other regular appointments earlier allow you to pick your desired time and day without missing out, it also keeps your mind clear as you rely on your dairy instead of trying to jam too much into your mind resulting in unnecessary stress!

Ground yourself!

Living or working in any City, grounding yourself should be a top priority in your daily routine, whether that be meditation, breathing practice, or stepping outside in nature. Being an Aveda Concept Hair & Makeup salon, we are proud of the products we use and being apart of a brand like Aveda. Benefits such as only using plant based ingredients that contain no parabens and only coconut derived sulfate, read about their ingredients promise here. Find your balance with Aveda’s Chakra Balancing Body Mists, Chakras represent 7 spinning wheels of energy that affect our health, well-being and beauty. Pure Flower and Plant essences in Aveda’s Chakra Mists harness the power of Ayurveda, the ancient healing art of India, to help bring these centers back to balance. And what’s more time savvy and satisfying than the convenience of having one of these beautiful essential oils on your desk at work to have 3 seconds of time out during your busy day to re-centre and ground yourself!

Be courageous!

Stepping outside of our comfort zone is always daring, but doing something courageous for yourself not only empowers you, but others around you.

So get those bangs you have been procrastinating about for a year now, book those flights, start that class and finish the year off strong! We believe in you!!

Keep it green, clean and simple!

Take your part in protecting the future of this planet; contribute by the simple steps of gratitude, be conscious of what you’re putting in and on your body and into this planet, opt for reusable bags, recycle, walk instead of taking the bus or car. These are just some of the reasons why we just love #AVEDA Hair & Makeup! With their eco-conscious ways, Aveda uses mostly plant-based ingredients in all its Hair & Makeup products, both vegan and cruelty-free, and are manufactured using renewable energy and recycled packaging!… See what ELLE magazine had to say about it here!

We hope this has given you a reminder to stop and enjoy the simple things, to look after yourself and to look after our amazing planet. Do something courageous like book yourself in, get a full head of beautiful Keratin Bond #Greatlengths Hair Extensions or one of our Beachy Solace Balayage’s and feel a million bucks! …Whatever you do, NOW is the time! Enjoy the last four months of 2019!!

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