The Best Short Hairstyles and Haircuts to Try Now- 2016 new hair trends


Julianne Hough

A slightly wavy bob with a liiiiittle bit of layering to lighten up the ends = the ideal way to ease into short hair for longer-locked gals


Lily Collins

“Pixie cut” is way too sugary for this spicy look. More like: try-me-and-we’ll-see-how-sweet-I-am cut.


Kristen Bell

The new beachy wave is shoulder-length—not longer.


Sienna Miller

Spritz some sea salt spray in your hair to achieve more natural waves like Miller’s, and take a ’20s spin on the bob by tucking one end behind your hair and securing with a pin, while letting the other strands blow in your face.


Miranda Kerr

A black-and-white film siren look courtesy of a curling iron and a deep, curving part.


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