Only the Best: Solace is the largest Aveda Salon in Sydney CBD

Our customers deserve the best. We refuse to use anything less than the best quality products, and that includes the entire Aveda Hair Care range. Sydney dwellers have a reputation for being immaculately well dressed and styled, and we are committed to giving all our customers a street-ready look. Aveda is well known for being found only in high end, organic salons, and our Sydney based salon loves to provide these natural products. It goes hand in hand with our luxurious location and professional staff for a pampering experience.

Discover Aveda Colour and Products

We believe that to deliver the best results, it involves not only the highest skilled hairdressers, but also the highest quality, natural products. We know our customers agree, as they keep coming back for more. Come check out what they’re loving: Aveda and the renowned Olaplex.

Aveda products are unique in that they are not only more than 95% naturally derived, they are also specific to types of hair problems, offering elegant solutions. Whether you suffer from oily, dry or frizzy hair, our Aveda Sydney salon has a solution for you. The range also includes men’s products, and the successful Invati range for hair loss. We also offer a wide variety of Olaplex products at our salon in Sydney for a deluxe experience every day. Make sure you complete your experience at Solace by taking home a natural Aveda care or styling product, our stylists will advise you on what is best suited.

14-in15_3601_r1-768x576We’re here to help

If you’re looking to restore your hair and get the look you have always desired, we encourage you to get in touch with the Solace team. We can provide you with information regarding all of our products, as well as reliable advice about getting the look you’re after. Call now on (02) 9262 5535.